Drive Student Success From The Very Beginning

Seamlessly connect your first-years to resources, programs, and peers with the Campus Community App

Welcome your first years with an app that has it all.

Orientation App

Meet your students where they are with digitized event programming.

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Campus Resources

Increase exposure to campus resources with a mobile interface.

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Social Network

Build new connections within your student community with modern social capabilities.

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Targeted Notifications

Admin tools that keep you and your students on the same page.

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Boost event engagement

Orientations. Family Weekends. Student-Org Fairs. Meet students where they are by distributing event info through an app.

Students today can’t be bothered with physical booklets and flyers. A mobile interface for your events guarantees higher engagement and ensures that your students are well informed.

Maximize the exposure of campus resources

Put resources in the palm of your students’ hands

Universities offer amenities to drive student success. Unfortunately, a lot of these resources don’t get exposure and end up underutilized. Fix this by introducing all that you have to offer in an accessible mobile app.

Amplify connections within the student community.

Intelligently introduce your students to new peers and orgs

A student's involvement within their community is key to student retention and success.

Equipped with chat, groups, and campus profiles, the Campus Community App offers all the capabilities of a modern social network. This enables your first years to connect with student orgs and chat with peers who have shared interests.

Stay on Top of It

Empower your team with admin tools built to bridge gaps with your students

Targeted Notifications

Targeted Notifications

Get Your Message Heard

Sending relevant content to the right students is a key part of any engagement strategy.

By utilizing custom-made student categories, you can target your communications to specific student groups - by year, name, interest, or more.

Usage Metrics

Understand Your Students

Get key insights into student engagement patterns and adapt your outreach strategy in real-time. Get the full picture and never be in the dark again.

Usage Metrics
Content Management System

Content Management

Real-Time Updates

Adapt your app in real-time to ensure that your content stays up to date.

Our content management system is still slightly limited, but gives you the ability to have control over your student-facing resources.

You’re in Good Company

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Real-Time Student Resource Distribution at Nanyang University

Read about how Singapore's #1 university kept their students informed and prepared with their app's resource distribution capabilities.

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